Barney Navarro

Barney Navarro has extensive experience in several types of engine development, both automotive and marine. Barney raced boats with racing partner Ken St. Oegger, including driving and performing maintenance on a supercharged Chrysler hemi-powered boat for Henry Kaiser in the late 1950’s. Later, Mr. Navarro raced a normally aspirated engine with aluminum heads using a 50% nitro fuel.

Mr. Navarro’s related automotive activities include performing as a turbocharging consultant for Alfa Romeo and as a consultant for Garrett Air Research. He was responsible for setting up many test stands for turbocharging research for this company from 1957 to 1972.

Navarro attempted to get one of his cars qualified for the Indy 500 for three years in the late 1960’s when handling and driver problems kept the car off the starting grid. The powerplant was a twin turbocharged 199 cubic inch Rambler engine with mechanical fuel injection designed by Navarro which put out over 700 horsepower.

His exploits in early dry lakes racing have been the subject of many published articles. He developed the swing axel assembly as well as the supercharger layout for the Beatty belly tank which set numerous records at Bonneville using Navarro heads and manifolds.

Navarro Engineering’s experience isn't limited to the track - Mr. Navarro has been involved in many specialty products over the years, including the development of a heart-lung machine used for thirteen years at the Kaiser Hospital in Hollywood.

His line of concrete cutting equipment, including wall saws, hand saws and core drilling equipment, is among some of the finest on the market. They use hi-cycle electric motors designed and built by Navarro Engineering, including all of the tooling for the casting of parts and the various components of the motors and electronics.

The foundry used by Navarro Engineering is a 4th generation company and located in Huntington Park. They have been producing Mr. Navarro’s castings since right after World War II. They are machined in the USA with the most modern equipment available.

Navarro Engineering products have evolved from knowing what causes a system to work on a scientific basis and constantly verifying any assumptions. The products are second to none from the quality and finish of the castings to the theories that have gone into the basic designs. Whether it be cylinder heads or induction systems, you will be pleased to own a piece of American made history.

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